Today, Chicxulub is known as a beach town on the Gulf Coast of the Yucatan just east of Progreso. It is a sleepy fishing village that is growing in popularity with expats who are buying properties there for permanent vacation and retirement homes. Chicxulub (Chick'-shoo-loob) is a very popular area with the snowbirds. This is an older area for the Yucatecans, so the homes tend to be quite nice, have telephones and nice furnishings, with lots of jetties and fishing boats up on the beach. Rents run about 400 - 1270 dollars in this area. You will find more foreigners, more social life, stores, and good transportation. Is the hang-out for tourists escaping North American winters. You don't really need a car in this area either. You may encounter small lizards in the house, they are harmless and part of the environment.

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